You rent your property from the Government and you’ll do what “we” say.

A Vietnam vet on Sullivans Island is trying to build a tree house for his children. However, the town of Sullivans Island is telling him to take it down. Apparently, Sullivans Island is more forward in admitting what we have suspected. We don’t own property; The Government does. But, he’s fighting back. What did he do to overturn the town’s 4-1 ruling against him?

Port not ready, schools below par, roads suck, chaotic growth. Why? Apathy.

It’s Apathy, procrastination and laziness. That’s why we lag the rest of the states in getting things done around here that need to be done to make The Charleston Area and South Carolina more productive, easier to navigate and better for our kids. When will we wake up?

Is South Carolina about to have a Political Earthquake?

We’ve obtained an exclusive copy of an ethics complaint that is supposed to be filed against House Ethics Committee Chairman Kenny Bingham. We’re told by sources this is the first of many including one bombshell report forthcoming about the Governor. Has the fox been guarding the henhouse? The content of the first alleged complain is below:

The leaked complaint that will be filed against Kenny Bingham of Lexington, Chairman of the South Carolina House Ethics Committee:

“According to the Respondent’s 2014 Statement of Economic Interest was paid $70,071.00 by SCANNA, $182,397.00 by City of Columbia, $163,615.91 by Town of Lexington & $29,932.50 by Richland County. Voted against H 5005 (Municipal Utilities) which passed. This bill related “to the powers and duties of municipalities in regard to municipal utilities including a water system.”

…”American Engineering, has received the following amounts during, according to the University of South Carolina’s Spending Transparency Page, 11-12: $16,625 12-13: $147,235; 13-14: $93,892 from USC. In FY 2012-2013, Bingham voted to ratify Sec 15A (Vote #758) of H. 4813 which was the section that allocated the funds to USC for that FY.”

This is a violation of S.C. Code Ann. § 8-13-700(B) even if he complied with § 8-13-700(B)(2) he still participated in the vote. His Statement of Economic Interests from 2012-13 do mention money he received from USC….”

There’s a whole lot more. Tune in 7-10am Mon-Friday on AM 1340 and AM950 Charleston or via TuneIN at WQSC to hear local, live coverage of these issues.

You’re next: Bobby Harrell is going to blow the whistle on crooked SC politicians.

The former Speaker of the House, Bobby Harrell took over $600 per hour from his campaign account to fly his private plane. The SLED report has been released about the Harrell case that result in his guilty plea and it what it doesn’t show may indicate what’s coming next to lawmakers across South Carolina. Just how many of our lawmakers are crooked in South Carolina politics?

Gay Marriage Legal in SC. NEXT? A wedding, a pastor, a church and then a lawsuit…It’s coming…

The details of the Federal Court decision – the first gay wedding outside the Charleston Courthouse and NEXT? – A marriage, a church and then the lawsuit…..

Freedom of Religion will take a step backwards on this issue. THERE WILL BE A CHURCH – THERE WILL BE A CHAPEL AND THERE WILL BE A LAWSUIT.

How do we stop the out of control domestic violence in SC?

South Carolina is number two in Domestic Violence in the United States – and that was an improvement! Atty. General Alan Wilson explains why that may appear so bad, but recognizes something has to be done. What does he think will turn the tide? You may be surprised at where he thinks we should start.

Video of Deputy Matuskovic Funeral Procession. “Chilling.”

Slain Deputy Matuskovic had one of the largest funeral processions I’ve every seen. There were police and law enforcement officials from North Augusta, Clemson, Columbia, University of SC, Mt. Pleasant, North Charleston, Dorchester County, Horry Count, Myrtle Beach and countless others in a spectacle of honor and remembrance of our fallen Deputy in Charleston County.