Should Muslims be hiding in the wake of the Paris attack?

There have been several minor attacks on mosques in France and other parts of the World in the wake of the Radicals attack on Charlie Hebdo Satire magazine in Paris. But shouldn’t we be welcoming the 1.7 billion people who practice Islam to denounce this attack? We must separate the three and understand the differences between them. If we don’t, we risk having more shootings like Paris occur across the World. What one thing makes it so important to understand the difference? You may be surprised (audio):

What is it like to be Muslim in America? And what is the true intent of Islam?

Monday October 20…. A Muslim American named Tahara joins us on the program with my wife to answer the question: Why don’t Muslims denounce Alqaeda, ISIS and Jihad more often? 9am-9:45, we learn the Muslim faith, what the middle east says about The United States and why we have such a divide on this issue. AM 1340 and AM 950 The Voice.