Which way is the real estate market headed in 2015: up or down?

Bryan and Mackenzie reflect on 2014 and share the trends that will most impact the value of your home or real estate investment in 2015. The question is, “Is a new real estate bubble forming?” And, what signs should homeowners, buyers and investors of real estate watch for the cues?

Is the Housing market really strong or is it a new Bubble?

Can housing prices keep rising and rental rates keep expanding. Bryan explains why the rental rates MUST come down. How soon could the rental market receive the humility that’s been lacking? It my surprise you how the market can change….

What’s wrong with some of these people? (Housedog.com RE Show)

People in general have developed a sense of greedy behavior, lacking grace an empathy. Mackenzie shares the story of a refrigerator argument, after someone received a 20k discount on the property – plus a full discussion of ‘TODAY’S’ short-sale process and how you can keep it from being bad as a buyer or investor.

The Lowcountry Real Estate Show from June 21.

There are a lot of Real Estate Sales Scams. Some agents even claim to offer free cash for signing up for services (up to $100k). But, what’s the catch to these offerings and what are you getting yourself into if you fall for it? Plus, “coming soon” listings are being outlawed in some states. How is the real estate business continuing to miss the fact that Consumers are in charge – not them? Charleston’s real estate market: Is it over-hyped and when when will be the next bubble?

Why do so many Real Estate Agents fail to tell the truth?


Today, I’m going to skip the numbers and write about a common problem I see in the housing business. Hopefully, you’ll spend a couple minutes to read what will probably be the best housing advice you’ll get in a lifetime no matter where you are living.

In getting into the housing business, I felt that too many agents were only interested in commission; I felt I could be interested in the people and their needs and, always do what’s right, and the commission would follow. That has been a true assumption, but leaves me frequently saddened.

I recently encountered an experience where an agent went into a sellers home (unethically) and told them they could sell the house. They told them they had a lot of experience selling homes like theirs ($800,000 in Mt. P). In fact, they had sold zero homes in Mt. P. in 15 months and this agent’s average sales price was below $150,000. Frankly, it saddens me that many people are shaping their opinions of housing based on an agent like this. The seller later told me that they were offered an “agent open house.” I knew immediately the agent had no idea what they were doing as the top agents never attend these events. This sounds like activity, but honestly it does nothing to sell the home.

If what an agent is saying makes you feel good and sounds good, it probably isn’t. In fact, the best agents make you question things, feel a bit uncomfortable about reality or frankly speak with a great deal of candor.

The facts are that the average agent sells a fewer than 4 homes per year, doesn’t earn above poverty levels, and got in this business for the wrong reasons: “get rich quick.” So, how do they get business: By telling people what they want to hear. Yet, many homeowners judge all agents as the same. If you do that, the housing profession will constantly disappoint you and deliver lackluster results.

FACT: You can live a life of financial freedom with the correct real estate consultant(s), because real estate ownership and investment is a key to your future.

The facts are, I’m frequently asked by a family member of friend, who they should hire in Atlanta, New York, or even Bismark. How do I find that person that I can be confident will get the job done and most importantly sell the home for the most money in that other state? It’s simple:

I look for an agent that has a great website, provides a lot of information (non- “salesy” stuff), and responds to my email inquiry very quickly. Then, I make sure they’ve sold 18 listings (listed a home and sold it) in the past year and have generally good reviews. I, of course, get a referral fee, but more importantly my friend/relative gets success.

What do most people do wrong with real estate agents? They assume that the advice they are getting is intended for their benefit and then they never check the credibility of the agent giving the advice. Sometimes the agent is judged on presentation alone and not track-record. Re: Would you want an MUSC doctor that has performed 1,800 open-heart surgeries or one from a local clinic who just completed his first one? Real Estate is NO different.

Now, here’s the pitch: I’ve spent over $250,000 in training in the past 15 years in this business so I can be the best agent in the Charleston market. I make money ONLY by selling your home. If I think there is a “chance” that something will work to sell your home, I’m going to do it. I don’t take more listings than I can handle; I’ve been blessed to always have the right mix. And, unlike most agents, if I don’t believe I can sell the home, I would have declined the listing. I will never ask my clients to make a decision because I need or want a commission. The commission comes from helping you make the right decisions; you’re in control of the decision.

I want you to walk away from closing feeling that I protected you, and obtained you the most money.

What does Dodd Frank and a Qualified Mortgage mean to financial system?

You should know, because it is rapidly changing the way everything financial works, particularly the mortgage/housing market. Bryan explains it, plus a preview of the 1/13/2014 Bryan Crabtree Show – a quick three minutes of info you need to know!