General Bob Livingston fires back about Lt. Col. Breazeale’s accusations.

Head of our South Carolina National Guard and incumbent Adjutant General S.C. Bob Livingston says Lt. Col. Breazeale not qualified to lead command.  Gen. Livingston regrets that this race has been so focused on Lt. Col. Breazeale’s Orlando Divorce and hopes we’ll pass the referendum in November to have this position appointed by Governor.  Bryan confronts Gen. Livingston with Lt. Col. Breazeale’s accusations about recruiting bonuses and General Livingston fires back!

Father of Lt. Col. Breazeale’s ex-wife’s children says he “was a Democrat” “changed name to run for Adjutant General,” “moved in with Mother” “has [no] credibility.

Michael Johnston, who shares an ex-wife with James Breazeale (who is running for South Carolina Adjutant Gen., chief of National Guard) has been convicted, was abusive and has had the police called twice on him for domestic violence. How did this slip under the media radar?

Adjutant General Bob Livingston RESPONDS

Lt. Col. James Breazeale made some strong accusations as to why he should the next Adjutant General of South Carolina and Incumbent Adj. General Livingston sets the record straight exclusively on The Bryan Crabtree Show. The Adj. General of SC is an elected position overseeing the National Guard, and The SC Emergency Response teams in the event of Natural Disasters and/or Hurricanes.