How much to buy a seat for Atlanta Falcons new stadium? 45k! What??

If you want club level the seats may cost up to $45k. But, there’s good news; learn how you can get a PSL for club-level seats for 1/4 of that in the new Falcons Stadium and regular seats for much less (audio):

How many warning signs are there, that stocks & the economy may fall in 2015?

Financial expert Mark French joins Bryan to discuss the warning signs that this stock market and economic recovery may have long overstayed its welcome. Is there any one thing you should be paying attention to that could cost you a lot of money if you don’t?

Which way is the real estate market headed in 2015: up or down?

Bryan and Mackenzie reflect on 2014 and share the trends that will most impact the value of your home or real estate investment in 2015. The question is, “Is a new real estate bubble forming?” And, what signs should homeowners, buyers and investors of real estate watch for the cues?

Is the Housing market really strong or is it a new Bubble?

Can housing prices keep rising and rental rates keep expanding. Bryan explains why the rental rates MUST come down. How soon could the rental market receive the humility that’s been lacking? It my surprise you how the market can change….