Not from Mt. Pleasant? Your tax bill should be double!

In a new petition, some of the members of The Saving Shem Creek page are trying to assert that locals who have owned their homes for many years should have much lower tax bills than newbies (“come latelys” as they sometimes call it).

This is taken directly off their petition:
“The longtime resident’s taxes will decrease and the more recent resident’s taxes will generally increase to compensate. THIS WILL KEEP OVER-DEVELOPMENT IN CHECK.”

This means that the average homeowner in Mt. Pleasant would see their tax bill potentially double while the “local-yocal” gets themselves a big tax break that could be thousands of dollars per year.

Granted: This has almost no chance of happening. But, it does show you how they think.

The Saving Shem Creek People are now trying to start a petition that would allow LONG-TERM RESIDENTS of Mt. Pleasant to pay property taxes at the rate of what they paid for the property (re: $50k 30 years ago) verses what a neighbor would pay for that same property if purchased today ($550k). To counteract the loss of revenue, they would suggest raising the millage rate, thus creating a newbie tax. The local-yocals would pay 1/2 or 1/3 of their current tax bill rate and new people would pay double. I’ve told you that these people (the core group) have a hidden agenda and now it’s coming out. An elite (but vocal) few of them think they have a higher rank in society than the rest of us and believe their tenure allows them both control and financial benefit. Yuk!