It’s not about you Obama – it’s about the People. “Come out of the cloud – you’re not King”

President Obama seems to think that everything that happens or doesn’t happen in his Presidency is regarding a group of people that are against him. Why can’t he understand that it’s not about him? It’s about what’s best for the people! Bryan sets President Obama straight in this harsh 2 minute lecture.

That WORD interview making Atwater look bad – Host says, “I’ll punch him in the face” on live Radio

WQSC AM1340/950 afternoon drive host, Rocky D joins Bryan to discuss Molly Spearman and Sally Atwater for SC Superintendent of Education. He comes out punching against Spearman (after the Bryan Crabtree Interview) and chimes in on the WORD Radio (Greenville) interview that made Atwater sound horrible on sex education issues. Rocky slams WORD “knucklehead;” “I’ll punch him in the face!”

The Lowcountry Real Estate Show from June 21.

There are a lot of Real Estate Sales Scams. Some agents even claim to offer free cash for signing up for services (up to $100k). But, what’s the catch to these offerings and what are you getting yourself into if you fall for it? Plus, “coming soon” listings are being outlawed in some states. How is the real estate business continuing to miss the fact that Consumers are in charge – not them? Charleston’s real estate market: Is it over-hyped and when when will be the next bubble?

Helping kids with disabilities in Summerville!

Coach Zap Rook, of the Summerville Challenger League joins Bryan to discuss the Little League Program that helps kids with disabilities play baseball and live a more normal life. They need your help. Coach Zap tells his personal story of how he got involved and how you can do one very small thing that can make a huge difference in dozens of kids’ lives.

WAIT! Stop; Harrel and others are up to no good again!

Ashley Landess from SC Policy Council tells us the House sailed through an ethics reform bill that the Senate is reviewing today that basically allows our SC Legislators to take Special Interest funds from lobbyists, they don’t have to disclose the source and then they could fly their plane, drive their car as a benefit and we wouldn’t even know who’s paying them off. Surely this isn’t true, right? And would our Governor sign this?

SC Sen. Sheheen calls for VA Audit.

Vincent Sheheen calls for a VA audit in SC and says vouchers may be a short-term solution until we can fix the problems with the VA. Bryan also asks him about the ethics bill that seems to support more of Bobby Harrell style of politics instead of less of it. Does Vincent Sheheen think such a bill will pass?