Senator Lee Bright says The U.S. is being Invaded by Mexicans.


Lee Bright, candidate for Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in South Carolina coins the term “invaded” to describe our immigration situation. He says we are being invaded at the Mexican border and that Lindsey Graham cares more for amnesty for illegal aliens than our Veterans. What does he think we need to do about it? And will he consider amnesty once the border is secure?

Spearman says she’ll work with Teachers Groups not fight, in order to get things done.

Molly Spearman, a teacher for 18 years in SC, and former assistant Principal, talks to Bryan about what we can do to fix SC Schools so they stop failing our kids.  She mentions the excellence of Wando High School and Bryan asks the obvious question:  “Why are we so focused on the failures instead of replicating successes like Wando?”

Father of Lt. Col. Breazeale’s ex-wife’s children says he “was a Democrat” “changed name to run for Adjutant General,” “moved in with Mother” “has [no] credibility.

Michael Johnston, who shares an ex-wife with James Breazeale (who is running for South Carolina Adjutant Gen., chief of National Guard) has been convicted, was abusive and has had the police called twice on him for domestic violence. How did this slip under the media radar?