Who is one local Middle School promoting in their Newsletter?

WQSC 1340 & AM 950 morning host Bryan Crabtree, in a recent segment discussing issues facing Charleston County schools asked listeners to call and email examples. One Mount Pleasant resident emailed a copy of the Cario Middle School Newsletter and weblink showing where, in a promotion of the Mix it Up Lunch Day (to be held on November 5), they were linking the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) website. One WQSC listener was shocked that Cario Middle School (a Charleston County Public School in North Mount Pleasant) would promote a site that calls the Christian, Conservative group, The Family Research Council a hate group. “This is at minimum a sub-surface political initiative by one school official or officials, and at worst an attempt to influence our young students and families ways of thinking,” says Crabtree. He adds, “schools are a place for learning, not political movements.”
From the link on Cario Websites users are directed to the following types of statements at the SPLC website: “ The Family Research Council….makes false claims [about Gays and Lesbians].” In their following of hate groups, SPLC named the Christian organization as a hate group and called them bigots because of their position on traditional marriage.
When challenged about the SLPC promotion on the newsletter and weblink, the school guidance counselor said, “We do not use any materials from the SPLC or any other organization. I have removed the hyperlink form the newsletter.” Crabtree Adds, “This, without doubt, gives us true insight into the thoughts, beliefs and agendas of some school officials; and we wonder why our schools are failing?”
You can hear the audio of the story on this page.

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