Translate Obama.

A common occurrence on the Bryan Crabtree Show is for Bryan to “Translate Obama.” He’ll take basic phrases that sound really great, and tell you (based on his word construction) what Obama really means. In this segment, we talk about enabling bad financial behavior and the sequel to Obamacare: CollegeCare.

The Crabtree Chronicle 8/23/2013

This is the amazing retirement story of a Chevrolet dealer (husband and wife) who closed their shop 17 years ago sealed the warehouse. The warehouse was just reopened to sell/liquidate it. Wait until you hear what was found inside. It will shock you.

The Chris Lane Murder in Oklahoma

Where is the President on this one? 24 hours after it happened, the White House hadn’t heard about it. Fresh off the Travyon/Zimmerman ordeal, now we have this tragedy. Fox and others accused of Race Baiting – Bryan gives you the verified facts.