The Bryan Crabtree Show July 26, 2013

1. The City Paper thinks that our society caused the Boston Bomber to turn “nasty.”
2. Mike Lee’s plan to stop Obamacare and some GOP Senators opposition.
3. Steve King in the Hotseet for comments against immigration Bill.
4. Bill O’Reilly’s talking points polarizing if not true.

Bryan Crabtree Show July 22 on WQSC

The College of Charleston professor resigning on sexual assault allegations blames everyone else – Detroit my be far away but close to many of our cities in the South and this Nation. Commentary by Charleston’s most accurate local talk host – Bryan Crabtree.

The Bryan Crabtree Show from July 18, 2013

On this Podcast we talk to Rocky D about the SC Supreme Court ruling about the Freedom of Information Act. We discuss the racial divide that appears to be the result of the Zimmerman case (but isn’t), and the lack of leadership that we expected in the White House.

Interview with Rocky D about his Supreme Court Case.

on 7/18, Bryan Crabtree interviewed Radio Free Rocky D about his victory with the SC Supreme Court. He asked for the South Carolina Association of School Administrators who receive public funds to share information based on the Freedom of Information Act. They refused. The Supreme Court agreed, they must share. Audio here.

The Bryan Crabtree Show July 17, 2013

With Jenny McCarthy joining the view, it brings renewed conversation about the affects of vaccinations on children and related Autism. We discuss. Miss South Carolina is on this show; and how the Zimmerman trial and witness Jeantell’s comments about the Jurors being OLD SCHOOL means much more than you might imagine.