Bryan Crabtree Show Radio Demo and Sample

Bryan Crabtree began broadcasting at WDBL in Springfield, TN in 1993 while attending Springfield High School.  After hosting an afternoon program for more than a year, he moved his radio career to Nashville’s Award Winning WSIX, “The Big 98” where he produced Hollywood Nights (nominated for 1996 Country Music Assocation Large Market Host of the Year); While in Nashville, Crabtree simultaneously hosted a Sunday show syndicated on more than 250 Christian Radio Stations.  Crabtree hosted mornings on WPZM in Hunstville, AL before moving to Memphis for Heritage WGKX as Production Director and on-air talent.  While in Memphis, Crabtree was charged with revamping the production and continuity departments and was honored with the M.A.R.S. Award in 1997 for the most creative commercial production.  Crabtree later moved to Charleston, SC for the launch of WNKT, Cat Country 107.5 for Citadel Broadcasting and began producing for Hollywood Productions and other clients for national copy and radio imaging.  Crabtree, known as “Catfish Cody” was the afternoon host and Assistant Program Director in 1998 when the station moved, in two ratings books, from number 14 to number 4 marketwide in the key demo.  In 2000, Bryan Crabtree began, what would become a successful real estate brokerage, while remaining in radio for Hertiage Talker, WTMA in Charleston as a weekend and fill in host; a position he has held for 13-plus years.  In 2008, he began political and financial commentary on WTMA that has expanded its reach to 7:45 in the morning, weekday fill-ins, housing updates, and a new weekend show on WQSC, crosstown talker. 

Bryan Crabtree has provided a unique model of Talk Radio information to the Charleston community blowing the whistle on Housing, financial and political scams and traps while at the same time illustrating the power and success of Talk Radio consumerism.  “Consistency is key for the station, and “the truth” is key for the audience.  When we focus on both, the listener and the station wins!”