Deflate Gate: Vegas is so stirred they won’t even take Super Bowl bets!

Deflate-Gate – The NFL finally speaks.
They said a lot – but that’s not the biggest news. In Vegas, bookies aren’t even taking Super Bowl bets because there is no way to figure the odds, pending potential action from the League. What could this mean for the outcome of the Super Bowl?

Bryan discusses the known facts and then the likely reasons the balls were 10.5 lbs instead of at least 12 lbs during the Patriots Colts game last weekend. “Brady knew it….but he didn’t know who did it…” Bryan thinks he knows who did it!

Cobb County Police issue citation for Driving while eating McD’s Quarter Pounder!

Georgia’s “open-ended” distracted driving law gives police the option to ticket individuals for “distracted” driving. In this case, the police followed this man 2 miles and observed him eating while driving. Bryan shares the details and asks the question that’s most important (and how you could be affected if this stands)….

Should Muslims be hiding in the wake of the Paris attack?

There have been several minor attacks on mosques in France and other parts of the World in the wake of the Radicals attack on Charlie Hebdo Satire magazine in Paris. But shouldn’t we be welcoming the 1.7 billion people who practice Islam to denounce this attack? We must separate the three and understand the differences between them. If we don’t, we risk having more shootings like Paris occur across the World. What one thing makes it so important to understand the difference? You may be surprised (audio):